Classes I teach

If you come to one of my classes and like it - great! But, if my style or tradition doesn't appeal to you, please don't give up on yoga. Try some different teachers or styles - each person has their own take on the material, and what makes sense to one person may not to another.

Multilevel Mindfulness Yoga
Sundays 1:15pm - 2:45pm
(You have to be a member of the Y to take this class, but it is free to members)

We often go though life on auto-pilot, not really paying attention to what is around us or how our actions affect others. In doing so, we unwittingly make life more stressful than needed because we keep repeating our potentially negative behaviors and then have to face their consequences. In this class we use the time-tested methods of asana (poses), pranayama (breathing), relaxation and meditation to not only become physically healthier, but also become more aware of what we are doing at all times. By learning to stay calm during a challenging pose, you learn to stay calm during a challenging emotion. For those who want to work their edge, there are numerous variations for increasing difficulty, or you can stick with the basic pose to take it more easy. Each class ends with a long period of deep relaxation and a short meditation.
Ongoing class

Beginning Yoga for Health and Relaxation
Sundays, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Mind Body Institute, Athens Regional Medical Center

This is a beginner class but is also great for people who are experienced but want to refine or restart their practice. As a therapeutic yoga class, it is meant to help you gain strength and flexibility of body and mind. More and more studies are being conducted that prove the effectiveness of yoga for reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, as well as a way to maintain the health we have. We move slowly and methodically through the 12 basic postures, paying close attention to alignment, variations for comfort and safety, and learn mindfulness in the process. Each class consists of poses, a deep relaxation, breathing practices, and a led meditation for a gentle and well-rounded introduction to hatha yoga.

If you think you are too out of shape to do yoga, this class is for you!

$60 for 6 weeks
April 18 - May 23

New Studio!
I also offer private classes and Thai Yoga Massage in my home studio.